Port of Rotterdam

Born in Schiedam and raised in Rotterdam, the port fascinated me since my early youth.    Even as a toddler my mother brother and I went for walks in a little park close to the Meuse river to watch ships of many nations sail by.  We lived in Rotterdam South at the time.     When we moved to Rotterdam West on the north bank of the river, on sunday-afternoons the traditional walks continued. This time by my brother and I and a girl form our neighbourhood. We walked to the Parkquay (city centre) to watch the freighters and passenger-liners of many nations sail by or to see them moored accross the river.

In the mid eighties of the 21st century I painted the first watercolour of the series named "Port of Rotterdam". The work on this series continues.The great port is an inspiration for many a watecolour or oilpainting yet to be painted. I show the harbour in the broadest sense of the word. All kind of ships, docks, harbour installations, bridges, containerteminals vessels of the port authority  etc.

This album shows you a number of paintings from the series "Port of Rotterdam."